Known for its international exchange trips and following the trend of travelers seeking transforming experiences for their lives, Experimento – a CVC Corp group’s company – has just launched programs that combine sustainability, culture and citizenship within Brazil. 

Paraty, in Rio de Janeiro, is one of the destinations with an ecotourism tout for the new Experimento project 

For 56 years, Experimento Intercâmbio Cultural, one of the CVC Corp brands, has taken Brazilians on cultural and education programs focused on the practice of languages ​​abroad. In 2021 the company reinvents itself and invests in a new modality: cultural exchange programs within Brazil. 

“Novelty is a form of innovation and opportunity that arises at such a challenging time like this one of the pandemic, but it is also a time when people have come to value even more the possibility of experiencing unique and transforming experiences”
Roberto Vertemati, Director of Experimento 

‘Experimente o Brasil’ une os pilares sustentabilidade, cultura e cidadania em cinco programas de voluntariado e ecExperimente o Brasil’ (Experience Brazil) combines the pillars of sustainability, culture and citizenship in five  volunteer and ecotourism programs within Brazil.

The new tours provide different experiences. In Sertão da Paraíba(Paraíba’s hinterland), the traveler participates with the communities in the fight against drought, poverty and low education. On the Maraú Peninsula (BA), the program allows travelers to monitor the reproduction and conservation of marine turtles. In the Pantanal and Bonito (MS) tour, the experience will be in responsible tourism practices with experience in the fauna and flora of the region and study of anacondas and species of aquatic fauna

Another great incentive to opt for these tours is that part of the proceedings of the trips (up to 50%) is directed to social and sustainability projects in the destinations visited.

Who wants to do good?

The survey conducted by Datafolha with 1,500 Brazilians, in September 2020, shows that 96%  of respondents have the desire to provide more solidarity and seek to take actions to do good and promote a better future, but often do not know how to put solidarity into practice.

Designed in partnership with Volunteer Vacations and Terra Nativa, it has a tour for different target audiences and travel purposes:

academic (for young people in search of learning)

corporate (for humanization experiences)

families (in search of experiences and discoveries together) 

over 60 (for those looking for immersion)

bespoke (with exclusive tours)

After such an experience, what do we bring in our luggage?

Roberto Vertemati, director of Experimento, explains that the programs contribute to the development  of new soft skills, increase awareness of the use of natural resources and the perception of “several countries within one”, promoting new and creative ways to reconnect families and people in realities far from large cities, with the exchange of knowledge, learning and the possibility of doing good in practice, in a structured way.  

“Better understanding of Brazilian culture, citizenship and sustainability provide people with a feeling of well-being and align the pleasure of travel to local needs, also helping to form better citizens”, says the executive

This program is part of the sustainability and diversity assumptions of the CVC Corp group and comprises a set of actions aimed at reprogramming the entire tourism ecosystem in Brazil. Learn more about the CVC Corp REprograma

DISCOVER “EXPERIMENTE O BRASIL” PROGRAMS and prepare your bags to do good –  to you and your surroundings.


Self-knowledge, nature and sustainability in Paraty – Rio de Janeiro
Duration: 5 nights (Sunday to Saturday) 
Experiences between community and nature in the Peninsula of Maraú – Bahia  
Duration: 5 nights (Sunday to Saturday) 
Environmental education in Pantanal lands – Pantanal and Bonito, Mato Grosso do Sul 
Duration: 5 nights (Sunday to Saturday)


Citizenship on the Island of Marajó – Pará  
Duration: 7 nights (Monday to Sunday)
Social Inclusion in the Sertão da Paraíba 
Duration: 7 nights (Monday to Sunday)

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